The Chess Experience

Overcoming "Chess Burnout" With Omar Mills

December 06, 2022 Daniel Lona Episode 45
The Chess Experience
Overcoming "Chess Burnout" With Omar Mills
Show Notes

045  Have you ever put a ton of energy and work into chess…but your results failed to match your expectations? So, you became frustrated. Dejected. Maybe even disillusioned with the process.

This is the potential downside that comes with a passion for chess:


That happened to my guest, Omar Mills.

Omar is my inaugural adult improver guest (it’s about time I feature some fellow adult club players!) He has been serious about chess for the past two years, studying and playing for hours nearly every day.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • A healthier way to approach chess improvement beyond just chasing ratings and wins. 
  • When the magic of The Queen’s Gambit clashes with reality, what keeps you excited about the game?
  • A “chess genie” tells Omar he can have any one chess wish he wants, what does he ask for? (Spoiler: he has two wishes.)

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The Morphy book referenced in the episode.

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