The Chess Experience

Life Lessons From Chess & The Talent Myth With WIM Yuanling Yuan

October 13, 2022 Daniel Lona Episode 38
The Chess Experience
Life Lessons From Chess & The Talent Myth With WIM Yuanling Yuan
Show Notes

038 Yuanling wowed me. Of course, her accomplishments as a chess player are mighty: She’s been the #1 female Canadian player and the youngest Canadian female to earn the WIM title.

And, as you’ll hear, Yuanling has a great ability to find meaningful connections between chess and life - a topic we discuss at length in this episode.

If that weren’t enough, she has a compassionate heart.

In 2009, she launched the non-profit Chess in Library program that offers chess instruction to underprivileged people in Toronto.

While Yuanling has since built a separate career from chess, having attended Yale University and become a successful investment analyst…

She’s still deeply connected to her lifelong passion for chess and is a great ambassador for the game, as well as an advocate for women and girls in chess.

Also in this episode:

  • Redefining the meaning of “losing” in chess and life.
  • The myth of talent for becoming a chess master.
  • A helpful approach anyone can use to encourage more girls to get involved in chess.

More From Yuanling:

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