The Chess Experience

IM Eric Rosen - Improvement Q&A and Chess Content Creation

August 09, 2022 Episode 29
The Chess Experience
IM Eric Rosen - Improvement Q&A and Chess Content Creation
Show Notes

029  Eric Rosen is perhaps best known for off-beat openings and stalemate traps. But don’t underestimate his incredible coaching skills. In this interview, Eric offers powerful advice in answering questions from my Twitter followers on improving as adults.

Before we get into the heart of sharpening your chess skills...

The episode first covers Eric’s career as one of the world’s top chess streamers and content creators…

Including his favorite types of content and how he strikes a balance between entertainment and education.

Later, we cover:

  • The unexpected secret to increasing your rating.
  • Does studying endgames or openings lead to better growth as a player?
  • How does an adult balance their chess ambitions with the limits of everyday life?
  • How do you bust through a rating plateau?
  • Eric’s “dream content” that he hopes to one day create. 

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Resources Mentioned: 

Eric’s article Chess Life Online on how to overcome rating plateaus
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