The Chess Experience

5 Keys To Chess Improvement with FM Nate Solon

July 19, 2022 Episode 26
The Chess Experience
5 Keys To Chess Improvement with FM Nate Solon
Show Notes

026 How do you ensure chess improvement? The old magic pill would be nice, but we know that doesn’t exist. The next best thing? Put energy and work into five key areas…

This may not guarantee improvement, but doing them will give you the best fighting chance to see results.

And, hey, given the mysterious ways of chess improvement, that’s sometimes the best we can do.

So, what are the key areas? FM Nate Solon explained them in his 2021 article entitled, The Chess Improvement Checklist.

Impressed with the list he created…

I  thought it would be great to do a deep dive into these core areas and discuss the ins, outs, and whys of this list. Enjoy!
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