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Top Mistakes Made By Club Players (Vol. 1) With NM Dan Heisman

June 28, 2022 Daniel Lona Episode 23
The Chess Experience
Top Mistakes Made By Club Players (Vol. 1) With NM Dan Heisman
Show Notes

023 Adult improvers, ironically, have limited time to improve. Which is why it’s so helpful to know the answer to this question: “Of all the mistakes we make, which ones are the most important to fix?” That’s what today’s episode is about…

Identifying the key mistakes made at the board by adult improvers (most of whom are club players) and finding solutions to them. 

To help, I’ve brought back for a second time National Master, Dan Heisman. 

He is the ultimate coach for adult improvers.

Dan has written over a DOZEN chess books and has a popular YouTube channel with over 200 videos - all of which are gold.

There are very few chess instructors who are as good as Dan Heisman. He gets to the heart of what club players need to improve, and articulates those problems and solutions so well.

In fact, there’s so much on this topic to dig into with Dan, that I’m calling this episode Vol. 1, as there will likely be one or two more on the same subject down the road.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How to tell if you’re playing “hope chess.”
  • The sure way to avoid playing too fast.
  • Why do club players overemphasize strategy over tactics?
  • Is it "ok" to spend too much time on openings?

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